Powder lacquering


The whole manufacturing process of steel and aluminum products ends with a visit at a modern powder painting line in the paint shop. Each product is cleaned before painting to obtain 100% cleanliness of semi-finished products. As a result, paint gains high adhesion. 



Powder painting involves applying electrified powder paint particles on the conductive surface of fencings. The embedded layer of powder remains on the surface of the painted element as a result of electrostatic force. Then, the painted elements are heated to a temperature from 140 to 200°C, as a result of which the powder is melted and polymerized. The obtained paint finish is resistant to corrosion, harmful weather and chemical factors, high temperature and mechanical damages. Nevertheless, it is recommended to paint fencings directly after purchasing to increase their protection against harmful action of external factors. Powder painting is the most effective as well as one of the most modern methods of metal coating. Unlike liquid paints, powder paints provide smooth coating without cracks, sags or bubbles. They are used for protective painting (protection of elements against corrosion) as well as decorative painting.


Our employees also participate in the process of paint coating of finished products. They arrive at the paint shop to accurately monitor the quality of the service provided. If any imperfections occur after applying the paint layer, the defective elements return to be repainted. Paint coated products are precisely prepared for transportation. Tightly packed and placed on special racks as well as protected against damage, they are loaded on our truck.


The painted products are packed and transported to our Customers