Instalation accessories for fencing panels


 There are several methods of installing panels to a post

1) installation of panels between posts - takes place by means of brackets. In this installation type, the spacing of the posts should be 2570 mm axis to axis. The brackets are made of a flat bar, properly adapted to the dimensions of the post used. Complete with a washer, the so-called  "folding washer" - (ensures stiffening of the panel fitted in the bracket), an M8 screw, a nut - available on request as a pop nut.

We can distinguish three kinds of brackets:

  • initial /final bracket - mounted on the first and/or the last steel fencing post. It has a one-sided holder, the so-called "arm." This bracket type is assembled on one side of the post.

  • indirect bracket - used for the installation of fencing panels from two sides of a post. For this reason, the indirect bracket has 2 "arm" holders on the opposite sides of the post.

  • corner bracket - is used to mount panels in corners. Also, just as the indirect bracket, it has two "arm" holders, but these "arms" are located at neighboring sides of the bracket, forming right angle.

2) panel installation on the front side of a post - used in situations where installation between posts cannot be used. When the axis to axis spacing between the posts is smaller or larger than 2570 mm

This installation type uses:

  • fixing clamp - made of a very strong PA material, resistant to UV radiation

  • fencing panel connector - complete with a self-drilling screw, resistant to UV radiation

  • clamp coupling - made of stainless steel used for panel-to-panel fixing 

  • holder - used to fasten the panel to a brick pole or directly to the wall