Production process at Polymetall


The production process at POLYMETALL is aimed, above all, at innovations and high quality of the manufactured products. We employ highly qualified employees with many years of experience in the industry. We cooperate with the best steel suppliers. The quality of the delivered materials is always confirmed by certificates - each material batch is checked and no defective product is used in the production process.





We have a wide range of machinery. Our modern technologies and machines make it possible to manufacture precise steel and aluminum products. Our production plant is able to adjust our production to the current market requirements in a smooth and fast way.


The first stage of implementation of the Customer's order is to carefully adjust the product to the Customer's needs. Our employees approach each order individually. Before beginning the implementation of the order, its technical documentation is prepared. All the details of the order are discussed. All this is done to ensure that the finished product will meet the expectations of even the most demanding Customers. When the Customer confirms the order, we start our production process. Subsequent production stages are monitored and controlled by the plant's Quality Control in terms of the product's compliance with the order as well as applicable standards.