POLYMETALL TOP double wire panels


POLYMETALL TOP DOUBLE WIRE is a fencing panel made in the form of a spot welded grate, made of wires with diameters of ø 5 or ø 6 mm (vertically) and wires of ø 6 or ø 8 mm (horizontally). The width of a single span is 2500 mm.

Technical data of standard POLYMETALL TOP DOUBLE WIRE fencing:

  • mesh, dimensions: 50x200mm,
  • recommended axial distance of fencing posts is 2570 mm (for  installation between the posts);
  • posts made of closed sections, dimensions: 60 x 40 mm;

This is heavy type fencing where rigidity is achieved by applying horizontal double wires. It is recommended to apply standard brackets as joint elements of the spans and posts, made of a flat bar, equipped with cup square bolts with standard or pop nuts that prevent the fencing from being dismantled by outsiders.