POLYMETALL - stands for European quality, protection & style for the future

Polymetall Sp. z o. o. is a manufacturer of fencing, both classic – forged, and modern ones. We make entrance gates, spans, wickets, railings, staircases and may other products made of steel, aluminium and stainless steel.

Our priority is to produce the best possible products, implementing individual designs of our Clients. All steel products by POLYMETALL are subjected to the best methods of corrosion protection in the form of hot galvanizing and powder lacquering.


Choosing our brand, you can be sure that you have premium-quality products. We have rich machinery back-up, we employ employees with high qualifications and long-term experience. We cooperate with suppliers of high quality production materials (the quality always confirmed by attestations). We cooperate with zinc-coating companies and powder lacquering facilities, where the quality of services provided is also valued.


Thanks to modern technologies, efficient management, and qualified employees, having more than 40 years of experience in the industry, we have gained trust of western customers from Belgium, Germany, France, the Netherlands.


We offer modern style, originality and, above all, strength. Our offer is continuously adjusted to the latest architectonic trends and production standards. As a result, we create unique, bold projects and innovative solutions.


For customers who appreciate classics, we have in our offer classic forged products of universal design. We are able to apply powder painting into wood-like colours. An innovative method allows for production of wooden style fencings and powder lacquering that imitates rings of natural wood. This type of solution makes it possible to replace old damaged wooden fencing with a new robust steel or aluminium fencing presenting the beauty of natural wood.



We implement projects of our customers. Individual approach to a design makes it possible to create an original, unique product with the customer participating in the production of the finished product that fully meets their expectations. In this way, we can obtain a property fencing which is perfectly integrated in its landscape.

All our products are customized, in accordance with the dimensions specified by the customer.


If you entrust our company with making a fencing, we will provide all of its necessary elements. We will help you choose the wicket, gate, spans, front and side fencing. Additionally, we will make balcony, terrace balustrades, railings and handrails. We will even remember to provide a mailbox or a place for a speakerphone. If your fencing design includes a gas/electric box, we will make its housing in a way which will be well-integrated with all the fencing, and we will paint it the same colour. We are able to make elements of garden architecture: modern and classic flower pots, gazebos, benches, bridges over ponds, pergolas and supports for flowers, and many more.

SOLUTIONS FOR INDIVIDUAL PROPERTIES we have prepared a rich selection of models and patterns. The models and patterns we offer are designed to create beautiful sets – matching the design of the house, the garden and the entire property – at the same time, minding your safety. Our offer includes: entry gates, forged gates, decorative gates, forged fencings, decorative fencings, forged wickets, decorative wickets, poles along with a set of installation accessories. We make steel gates, metal gates, steel fencing, metal fencing, steel wickets, metal wickets, steel balustrades, metal balustrades, aluminium gates, aluminium fencing, aluminium wickets, aluminium balustrades, stainless steel gates, stainless steel fencing, stainless steel balustrades, stainless steel railings.

SOLUTIONS FOR INDUSTRIAL PREMISES we meet the requirements of professional construction. We make entry gates to industrial facilities and industrial fencing systems. We specialize in manufacturing of sliding industrial gates, self supporting industrial gates, and we are also a manufacturer of fencing panels.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer





The production process at POLYMETALL is aimed, above all, at innovations and high quality of the manufactured products. We employ highly qualified employees with many years of experience in the industry. We cooperate with the best steel suppliers. The quality of the delivered materials is always confirmed by certificates - each material batch is checked and no defective product is used in the production process. more...


Steel products improperly protected against external factors are characterized by reduced service life. There are various methods of preventing these unfavorable phenomena. From all known methods of anticorrosive protection of steel products, the best is hot galvanizing which is used for all our steel products. The zinc coating protects steel for many years and does not require maintenance.   more...


The whole manufacturing process of steel and aluminum products ends with a visit at a modern powder painting line in the paint shop. Each product is cleaned before painting to obtain 100% cleanliness of semi-finished products. As a result, paint gains high adhesion. more...