POLYMETALL TOP decoratie panels


POLYMETALL TOP with decorations  is a fencing panel made in the form of a spot welded grate, made of wires with diameters of ø5 mm (vertically) and cold-bent channel bars 20x9 mm (horizontally), forming mesh of 50x200 mm. The width of a single panel is 2500 mm. The panels are stiffened by cold-bent channel sections applied horizontally.

Recommended axial distance between fencing posts is 2570 mm (for installation between the posts by means of brackets); system posts are made of closed sections, dimensions: 60 x 40 mm; it is possible to apply system foundation.


POLYMETALL TOP with decorations is a light type fencing where rigidity is achieved by horizontal installation of cold-bent channel bars with dimensions of 20x9 mm. It is recommended to apply standard brackets as joint elements of the spans and posts, made of a flat bar, equipped with cup square bolts with standard or pop nuts that prevent the fencing from being dismantled by outsiders.

We offer 3 types of decorations: