POLYMETALL TOP S fencing panel is a combination of convex and concave fencing panels which, when joined, form a modern, decorative panel fencing for private estates, kindergartens, playgrounds and any public places where the aesthetic value is of great importance.

POLYMETALL TOP S panels are produced with one length of 2000 mm and with 4 heights: 900 mm, 1100 mm, 1500 mm and 1700 mm. The specified heights are measured at the highest point of the panel.


For this panel type, there are dedicated round posts with a diameter of 48 mm, ended with a plug with a decorative ball. Also, standard rectangular posts with dimensions of 60/40 and a top plastic plug can be used.

The shape of POLYMETALL TOP S fencing in combination with any color selected by the Customer from the RAL palette creates an original and very decorative element of the space design  Our new product will be appreciated in particular by demanding Customers, for whom their fencing is the hallmark of their property. For each type of the fencing panels, we produce pedestrian gates as well as large double-leaf and sliding panel filled gates.